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Happy Wheels Demo

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HappyWheelsPageA real challenge to avoid a real accident this is Happy Wheels Demo. In this game, you have to go to your destination from starting place. This game gives you access three characters: 1. A person in a wheelchair ; 2. A person with segway ; 3. A person with by-cycle having a child behind. Before playing, you have to choose one of the characters. Each character gives you individual different feelings of playing through different challenges. There are nine different levels in the game. All the levels and a small description for each level are given below : 1. "Obstacle Course" This is the level given first in the game. This is also a relatively easy level. You have to go to your destination through a path full of various obstacles or dangers ; 2. "Gut Bus Extreme!" This level is given in second position in the level menu. This is also a easy level but a bit harder than the first. Here the character will have to move inside a vehicle bus.The segway man is the only allowed character. If you choose other characters, you will have option but a low chance to finish the game ; 3. "BMX Park II" This level gives amazing cycling experience to the gamer. In this level, there is no option to choose character. The by-cycle man with a child is the only character. The path has many ups and downs. Here you have to cycle to climb to top, to come to down and also to make a complete journey with a great speed through a vertically spiral-type path, having a major risk of accident ; 4. "SnowyMountain Final" Here you have to press "z" and hold on until you get a way to make the character only one allowed character- the segway man released from the hole ; 5. "Dawn Of The Dead" Here the one wheeler man is only allowed character. In this level, you have to save the town from a mad scientist ; 6. "A large Satan Eats You" In this level, all three characters are allowed. This level, as its name implies, is very dangerous ; 7. "Trap Trac" The playable character is only the segway man. This level is also very interesting. Here you have to make your path by pushing objects by your head with a great speed ; 8. "It Keeps Happening" Here any character is playable. To finish the level you have to pull of wicked-sick turnways ; 9. "Rope Swings" The playable character is only the segway man. You have to give up your vehicle change your path to get success. Be cautious about spikes! This is a very hard level. Go on trying.HappyWheelsPage2This game has play menu, level editor menu, option menu ,control menu and about menu. By level editor menu you cannot create new level in this demo game. Option menu has graphical option and sound option. In control menu, various control keys and their actions are given the can be understood very easily. In the about menu the name and contribution of the contributors are given. "Happy Wheels Demo" game consists of various amazing and thrilling paths and challenges to save the playing character. For accidents, the graphical works are really real-like as for example: the hands and legs are cut and the character crying in pain and moving without the hands and legs. You can play this game online for free at our website, just visit and enjoy online for free.

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